75% excavated, new retailers, and HST/GST amendment

Marine Gateway is over 75% excavated!

We are pleased that our construction progress has been very smooth, especially as we dig through the wettest months of the year! Over 160,000 cubic yards of material have left the site since Marine Gateway broke ground at the end of July.

Now with the western portion almost completely excavated, we look forward to pouring the first concrete in mid-January. As the eastern portion continues to be excavated into February, the exciting amount of activity at Marine Gateway will be a sight to see in the early New Year.

New Retailers at Marine Gateway

Our leasing team has been hard at work to bring you the best combination of convenience shopping, service retailers and entertainment at Marine Gateway. We are happy to announce that Subway and Bank of Montreal (the first of our three banks) will be joining the Marine Gateway community!

HST/GST Transition

As BC transitions back from HST to GST and PST in 2013, an Addendum to the Disclosure Statement regarding the transition rules has been filed, as well as an Amendment to apply the transition rules to any new purchase agreements entered into from December 1, 2012 onwards at Marine Gateway.

We are happy to say that these filings are purely administrative as Marine Gateway continues to be sold out. Copies of the amendment and addendum have been sent to each purchaser for their records.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak with your Realtor or a representative from our Marine Gateway sales team. You may reach our sales team at info@marinegateway.com.